Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

Hello World!

I’m a survivor.  “Face it … Fight it … Beat it: Survive” was the motto I created when I was diagnosed with Cancer on October 26, 2005.  This wasn’t a fancy slogan, but a creed I have lived my life by.

I’m a family man.  I love my family!  A beautiful wife (Felicia), son (Ryan), and daughters (Bethany and Becca).  It doesn’t get better than this!  I’m a blessed man.

I’m a runner.  I have run 8 marathons, 12 half marathons, and a bunch of 15k and 10k.  My marathons include: Chicago (2003); Big Sur (2005), New York City (2006), Georgia (2007), Boston (2007), Saint George (2007), Darkside (2008), and The Flying Pig (2009).  My PR is a 3:48:03 at the Saint George Marathon and my worst performance or you could say my best effort was the Georgia Marathon when I ran a 5:20:51 as I battled dehydration and other issues.  It took true grit to finish that one!  I’m one of the co-founders of Run Club USA located in Peachtree City, Georgia.

I’m a blogger.  I currently have 3 blogs, in addition to this one: Ten26 (Focused on Cancer Survivors), Run Club USA (Focused on Running), and Swinsei (Focused on Leadership and other Stuff).  The links for those sites are:




Maintaining so many blogs is difficult to do, so moving forward I will be posting the majority of my posts on this site.  I hope you enjoy it and I welcome your comments and suggestions.