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These Girls are the BEST!

My awesome daughters, Bethany and Becca, took their mother (my lovely wife) to the Swan Coach House for lunch today.  This was my girls birthday present to Felicia.  January 27th was Felicia’s ?? birthday!

Here’s a pic of my girls from today

More pics of the BEST …..

American Students Returns to USA

It was great to see #21 when she arrived at the ATL Airport.

Back from Kenya

Becca (aka #21) and 11 classmates and 2 adults returned from Kenya this week.  12 days on the other side of the world was a life-changing experience for these outstanding young people.  They shared the love of Christ with 100’s of students, visited the slums, went on a safari, and made lasting memories.

Here are a few pictures that tell the story:

Do you know which one is Becca?
Difference Makers!
A Life of Impact!
Mode of Transportation

My Valentine!

Marrying Felicia (07/17/1982) is by far the best decision I have ever made in my life!

Snow Day

Great Mom!

Always available!

Loves her boy!

Family #1 after God

I hope you had a great weekend with your Valentine.  Let’s make every day Valentine’s Day!

What special thing did you do today with your #1?

#21 Kenya-Bound

Becca and 11 other students and 2 adults from Landmark Christian School are going to Kenya on Wednesday!  Please pray for their protection and that they will have a positive impact on the people of Kenya.  #21 and her classmates will be gone for 13 days and will be greatly missed.

#21 is an amazing and special young lady!

Becca Boo, go make a difference!

The High Flying Hawks!

As part of my Christmas gift from Bethany, she gave me Atlanta Hawks tickets.  The last time I went to a Hawks game Dominique Wilkins was playing in Atlanta.  That must have been 1994 or before.  Time flies.  I have so many good memories of watching the Atlanta Hawks in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.  But then I got disinterested, until the Hawks played Boston in the NBA playoffs 2 years ago.  However, I still lacked motivation to go to a game, but I did start watching box scores and standings.

Now was the time for me to support our local NBA team!   Atlanta Hawks vs Chicago Bulls!  With my family — Minus #21, who was working to earn money for her Kenya trip!  She’s amazing!  We missed Becca Boo, but the game had to go on.  Really glad my high-flying, world traveling son, Ryan, joined us.  Special thanks to Bethy for the cool gift.  And our night would not have been complete without the “glue” of our family, Felicia!

Great night for the Swinfords!

She Made it Happen!



Hawks 91

Bulls 81

January’s Big 5 Goals! CHECK

In 2010 I decided to set monthly goals instead of my normal annual goals.  Last month I pursued 5 goals and below are the results:

  •  The 31 Day Challenge – 31 days in the Book of Proverbs – Check!
    Proverbs is packed full of God’s wisdom.  It inspired me to go deeper in my relationship with Christ. 
  • 21 Day Fast – No Sweets or Soft Drinks — Check!
    Not only did I make it 21 days.  I only had sweets one time for Bethany’s birthday and one Coke to celebrate my marathon.  But the Fast was more than going without, it helped me connect to God.  That could be the reason  The 31 Day Challenge was so impactful.  Just saying ….
  • Follow the Money for 31 Days – Track Every Penny — Check minus!
    Felicia and I tracked every penny we spent for about 21 days but I fell short the last week or so.  Our main goal was to pay cash and not use charge card. We did okay.  We did have several large expenses we had to charge such as my car repair and Felicia’s hotel for Passion.  We are on the right track.
  • Run 26.2 – Callaway Gardens Marathon — Check!
    Completed the Callaway Gardens Marathon on 31 days of training on January 31st.  BTW, 4:29:01
  • Fitlab Implementation – FitLab Workouts & Watch the Calories — Check!
    Followed the FitLab Assessment very closely and dropped 7 pounds and lost 2 inches on my waist.

Looking forward to some interesting and challenging February goals ……

World Cancer Day

February 4 is World Cancer Day—a global day of awareness created by the International Union Against Cancer. With cancer set to become the #1 killer in the world this year, it’s critical that each organization—and each individual—share responsibility for sending a powerful message about cancer prevention.

Can I really make a difference?

Studies show that encouragement from someone close to you—your mom, your best friend, your co-worker in the next office—can have a decisive impact on your decision to take important actions for your health.

You could be the best advocate for your friends and family…if you’re willing to take two minutes and nudge them to a quick step to protect their health.

Click here for more info on World Cancer Day

#21 is going to Kenya

My daughter, Becca (aka #21), is going on a missions trip to Kenya over winter Break.  The purpose of the trip is to reach Kenya students for Christ.  Below are a couple of skits they will be performing to 100s of students.  The quality of the videos are not that great, but I think you’ll get the picture.

Here’s a pic of 4 of the girls going on this trip.  #21 is in the gold jacket.

Going 2 Kenya!

CGM Results

4th out of 10 in my age group

58th out of 109 overall

Age Group Place / Name / Overall Place / Time / Pace

1 Richard Stone

10 / 3:26:43 / 7:53


2 Keon Lee

24 / 3:48:59 / 8:44


3 Bo Ryles

52 / 4:21:10 / 9:58


4 Don Swinford

58 / 4:29:01 / 10:16