The High Flying Hawks!

As part of my Christmas gift from Bethany, she gave me Atlanta Hawks tickets.  The last time I went to a Hawks game Dominique Wilkins was playing in Atlanta.  That must have been 1994 or before.  Time flies.  I have so many good memories of watching the Atlanta Hawks in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.  But then I got disinterested, until the Hawks played Boston in the NBA playoffs 2 years ago.  However, I still lacked motivation to go to a game, but I did start watching box scores and standings.

Now was the time for me to support our local NBA team!   Atlanta Hawks vs Chicago Bulls!  With my family — Minus #21, who was working to earn money for her Kenya trip!  She’s amazing!  We missed Becca Boo, but the game had to go on.  Really glad my high-flying, world traveling son, Ryan, joined us.  Special thanks to Bethy for the cool gift.  And our night would not have been complete without the “glue” of our family, Felicia!

Great night for the Swinfords!

She Made it Happen!



Hawks 91

Bulls 81


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