National Doughnut Day

Donut Giveaways for National Doughnut Day – I hope you’ve been faithful to your workouts this week because June 4th is National Doughnut Day here in the States and a couple of big chains are offering free donuts to celebrate the day.

As you start to drool, let me answer a couple of questions that you aren’t asking.

National Doughnut Day is always celebrated the first Friday in June. It isn’t actually like a Hot Dog Eating Contest. It’s to celebrate the, “Lassies,” of WWI and to raise funds and awareness for the causes of the Salvation Army.

These volunteers would go to the front lines were the men were fighting and were big morale boosters with their home-cooked foods. Doughnuts would be cooked in oil in the helmets of the soldiers. I imagine it was oddly gross if you put on your helmet too soon after they left. The American infantrymen were often called doughboys, hence the reference.

What you’re really dying to know is where the frell are the donuts? Fine. Don’t forget that this is a one day deal set up solely for June 4th. Now that I got that legalese out of the way….

First up is Krispy Kreme. They will be giving away a free glazed donut to every customer who walks through the door. Their locations are listed on their website if you you’re not sure where to find a Krispy Kreme.

Dunkin’ Donuts will offer a free donut of choice to every guest with the purchase of a beverage of any size.

DD will also be announcing the winner its second annual, “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut,” contest. There were almost 90,000 entries. The winner will receive a cash prize of $12,000 and their donut idea will be a reality sold at participating Dunkin’ Donuts nationwide.

Remember that the Dunkin’ Donuts giveaway is a one per customer deal like Krispy Kreme’s, so map your route to all of your nearby franchises accordingly and happy munching!


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