Field Trip w/ #21

On Saturday #21 (aka Bec, Becca, Becca Boo, and Rebecca) and I took a little field trip to Forest Park to the Army-Navy Store (this store rocks) to buy Ryan a birthday gift.  Forest Park is my old stomping grounds.  As we visited my homestead, we took a tour of where I received my outstanding education: J.E. Edmonds Elementary School, Forest Park Jr High (“B-Building” is no longer there!), and Forest Park Senior High School.

I was unable to find the street that was named after me (well I strayed painted my name on the street sign 40 years ago).  Apparently the City went back to the original street name.  Carter Cleaner is for sale, buildings are gone, no more Ace Hardware, and the City is obviously struggling.

The best part of the field trip was showing #21 the houses/apartment I have lived in.  Here they are:

The house I grew up in. Mom and Dad lived here for more than 40 years

1st Apt - Living on my own. Party Time - Villa Rouge Apt

Home ownership for the 1st time - @ 24 years old - The house hasn't changed much! Live in this house when I  got married; Ryan lived here too.

Home ownership for the first time at 24 years old; Felicia and I lived here, as well as Ryan.

Spent 8 years in this home; Added Bethany and Becca to our family at this location.

It was great to travel back in time, but most of all I loved the quality time with Becca Boo.

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