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February’s 4 BIG Goals – CHECK

I forgot to post the results of my goals for February.  Here’s a quick summary:

  1. One Question:  I thought and prayed about “one question” each week — Check!
    Q1: What one thing do I desire from God?  ”
    Q2: What one thing do I lack?
    Q3: What one thing I need to let go?
    Q4: What is one promise I need to claim?
  2. Build Core Strength: Focus on Abs (aka gut and back fat) — Check!
    — Reduced weight by 3 lbs and YTD by 9.5 lbs
    — Reduced waist by 2 inches
    — Performed 4600 crunches
  3. 28 Days of God’s Promises: Read, study, journal, and prayed one promise per day — Check!
  4. Run a Marathon: Thrill in the Hills Marathon on 2/27/2010 — X – Didn’t happen

That’s it.  More to come in March!

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